Creadores: Youth-Led Communications Media Arts Program

The Creadores Project is designed to foster youth leadership and engagement in art forms of writing, photography/photoshop, graphic media design, content creation, publishing, and project coordination. This project provides opportunities for participants to build employable creative skills in art and communications project planning, arts workshop facilitation, and community event planning.

  • Paid arts mentorship ($15/hour for 40 hours)
  • Build your experience + portfolio
  • Create + publish content
  • Meet successful artists mentors in the field!
  • Gain job experience + awesome referrals
  • Learn about arts opportunities in Toronto
  • Join and contribute to the LAEN community
  • Develop skills in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign + more!

We are accepting applications and selecting nine (9) youth leaders to work collaboratively to create a Journal/Magazine that will artistically highlight the voices and experiences of Latinx, Afro-Latin-America, and Indigenous-to-Abya-Yala youth in Toronto schooling spaces and highlight resources for young people in our community.

Are you between the ages of 15-29 and live in the Greater Toronto Area?

Do you identify as Latina, Latino, Latinx, Afro-Latin-America or Indigenous to Abya Yala?

Are you already engage in or would like to be engaged in the arts?

Are you available for all or most of the program dates (see next page)?

Can you commit to this project from July 2019 – April 2020?

If you answered YES to all 5 questions, we’d love to connect with you!

You can email Yessi at for more information or to submit additional materials to support your application.

Applications are due July 15th 2019

To fill out the application questionnaire, please click this link

Program Schedule

Creadores Project runs from July 2019 to April 2020 with workshops held at YorkU, OCADU and online meeting sessions.

Please let us know about any accessibility needs or known dates you will be unavailable. We are happy to be flexible but require participants to commit to the full project as this is a paid position. Participants will be paid an honorarium of $600 ($15/hour for 40 hours of work).

Sunday July 21, 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

Online: Intro to LAEN, Creadores, + Project Visioning

Sunday July 28 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

In-Person: Project Visioning, Photography + Adobe Photoshop Editing Workshop #1

Sunday August 4th 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

In-Person: Photography + Adobe Photoshop Editing Workshop #2

Sunday August 18th 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

In-Person: Graphic Design Workshop #1 (Adobe InDesign, Branding + Aesthetic)

Sunday Sept 15, 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

In-Person: Graphic Design Workshop #2 (Adobe InDesign, Branding + Aesthetic)

Sunday Sept 29, 2019 2-5 pm (3hrs)

In-Person: Visual Arts Mixed- Media Workshop (2 hours), Magazine check in + Work Session (1 hour)

Sunday October 13, 2019 2-5 pm (3hrs)

Online Writing Workshop (2 hours), Mentor IN FOCUS (1 hour)

Sunday October 27, 2019 2-5 pm (3hrs)

In-Person: Art Facilitation Skills Workshop (2 hours), Magazine check in + Work Session (1 hour)

November Date TBD based on everyone’s schedule (3 hrs)

Online Session to continue work on Magazine (2 hours), Mentor IN FOCUS (1 hour)

Nov 2019 Date TBD (3hrs)

In-Person: Magazine Launch: Community Event Planning Workshop

Online Meeting to Continue to Plan Launch (2hrs)

Dec 2019 Date TBD (5hrs)


Jan – Feb 2020 (BREAK – no workshops)

March – April 2020 Prepping for the opportunity to collaborate in Toronto District School Board LAHM Planning Committee, present the Magazine +  lead arts workshops at Latin-America History Month Events in April 2020

This project is generously funded by ArtReach and Toronto Arts Council.

LAEN also gives thanks to community partners and volunteers with whom the project would not be possible, as well as OCAD University for supporting the project with workshops, materials, and space.

El proyecto Creadores fue creado para fomentar el liderazgo y la participación de los jóvenes en las formas artísticas de escritura, fotografía / photoshop, diseño de medios gráficos, creación de contenido, publicación y coordinación de proyectos. Este proyecto tambien brinda oportunidades para que los participantes desarrollen habilidades creativas empleables en planificación de proyectos de arte y comunicaciones, facilitación de talleres y planificación de eventos comunitarios

  • Programa de tutoria pago ($15/hora por 40 horas de trabajo)
  • Crecer tu experiencia y tu portfolio
  • Crear y publicar tu trabajo
  • Conocer artistas trabajando en medios graficos
  • Aumentar tu experiencia de trabajo y conseguir referencias
  • Aprender sobre mas oportunidades en Toronto
  • Contribuir a la comunidad de LAEN
  • Desarollar competencia en Adobe Photoshop, InDesign + mas!

Estamos aceptando solicitudes y seleccionando a nueve (9) líderes juveniles para que trabajen en colaboración para crear una Revista que resaltará artísticamente las voces y experiencias de los jóvenes Latinx, con raices en Afro-Latin-America e Indígenas de Abya-Yala en las escuelas de Toronto. La revista tambien servira como un recurso para jóvenes y familias en nuestra comunidad.

Puedes mandar un email a Yessi en para mas informacion.

Aplicar antes de Julio 15 2019

Haga click aqui para llenar la aplicacion

Fechas del Programa

Creadores se ejecuta desde Julio 2019 a Abril 2020 con talleres en la Universidad de York, OCADU, y sesiones en linea.

Háganos saber acerca de cualquier necesidad de accesibilidad o fechas conocidas en las que no estará disponible. Estamos contentos de ser flexibles pero requerimos que los participantes se comprometan con el proyecto completo ya que esta es una posición pagada. Los participantes recibirán un honorario de $ 600 ($ 15 / hora por 40 horas de trabajo).

Domingo Julio 21, 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

En linea: Intro a LAEN y Creadores

Domingo Julio 28 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

En Persona: Fotografia + Editar con Adobe Photoshop Taller #1

Domingo Agosto 4th 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

En Persona: Fotografia + Editar con Adobe Photoshop Taller #2

Domingo Agosto 18th 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

En Persona: Diseño Gráfico con Adobe InDesign Taller #1

Domingo Septiembre 15, 2019 2-5pm (3hrs)

En Persona: Diseño Gráfico con Adobe InDesign Taller #2

Domingo Septiembre 29, 2019 2-5 pm (3hrs)

En Persona: Taller de Artes Visuales (2 hours), Sesion de trabajo (1 hour)

Domingo Octubre 13, 2019 2-5 pm (3hrs)

En linea: Taller de Escritura (2 hours), Mentor (1 hour)

Domingo Octubre 27, 2019 2-5 pm (3hrs)

En Persona: Taller de Facilitacion (2 hours), Sesion de trabajo (1 hour)

Noviembre 2019 (3 hrs)

En linea: Sesion de trabajo (2 hours), Mentor (1 hour)

Noviembre 2019 (3hrs)

En Persona: Taller en planificacion de eventos

En line: Sesion de trabajo (2hrs)

Diciembre 2019 (5hrs) – Evento de Presentacion de Revista

Enero – Febrero 2020 (BREAK – no talleres)

Marzo – Abril 2020 Preparándonos para la oportunidad de colaborar en el Comité de Planificación de LAHM de la TDSB durante el Mes de la Historia de América Latina en abril de 2020

Este proyecto es fundado por ArtReach y Toronto Arts Council.

LAEN también da las gracias a los socios y voluntarios de la comunidad con los cuales el proyecto no sería posible, así como a la Universidad OCAD por apoyar el proyecto con talleres, materiales y espacio.


April is Latin-America History Month!


LAEN celebrates the diverse identities, cultures, arts, and stories of solidarity of Latinx, Afro-Latin-America, Abya Yala and its diasporas!


What is Latin-America History Month (LAHM)?

 LAHM is celebrated within the Toronto District School Board and LAEN community during the month of April. This year, the TDSB theme for #LAHM2019 is “Art as the Universal Language” or “Arte Como Idioma Universal.”

LAHM is an opportunity to celebrate and build solidarity among the students, families, educators, artists, community workers, and members of our community.
LAEN aims to amplify the voices, histories, and arts of those who continue to be silenced, misrepresented, or harmed within our communities and school systems due to racism, colonialism, and gender violence.


How did Latin-America History Month come about?
And what role does LAEN play?

 LAEN members Catalina Calero and Derik Chica document the story of Latin-America History Month in Toronto in a new book chapter, titled “The First Three Years of LAEN: From Unity-Seeking to Equity-Seeking” (source link):

When LAEN was started, there was a joint committee between TDSB and TCDSB that organized “Hispanic Heritage Month”

City of Toronto proclaimed October as “Hispanic Heritage Month” with little community consultation

Recognizing the limitations and issues with identifying our community as “Hispanic” or “Spanish-Speaking” alone (see key terms defined below), a petition and formal request to government bodies was created to change the name of the month to “Latin-America History Month.”

Through dialogue with the community, LAEN members, and a vote, “Latin-America History Month” was agreed upon. With leadership from LAEN Co-Directors Silvia-Argentina Arauz and Andrea Vasquez Jimenez, LAEN worked with the TDSB to create “Latin-America History Month” in April and discontinue the use of the term “Hispanic.” Unfortunately, the Toronto Catholic School Board has so far refused to do so and continues to celebrate “Hispanic Canadian Heritage Month” in October.

LAHM is celebrated every year in TDSB during the month of April.


Key Terms to Know

Abya Yala is a decolonial term for the Americas meaning “Tierra en plena madurez,” or “Land in full maturity or ripeness” in the Kuna language. The name emerged in Kuna Tule territory (San Blas, Panama) and was suggested in the 1970s by Takir Mamani – Aymara leader – and Tupaj Katari – one of the founders of the Indigenous rights movement in Bolivia. It is used in solidarity with Indigenous resistance.

Afro-Latinx, Afro-Latin-America
are terms that aim to center Black/African identities in the Latin-America diaspora and the presence of African roots, traditions, and people across the continent. 

Hispanic refers to “Spanish-Speaking” people and centers connection to Spain. This term has historically colonial and racist origins, thus is rejected by LAEN. It erases and does not equitably or inclusively represent the identities of everyone in our community.

Latinx is used with the intention of being more gender inclusive to LGTBQ2S+ community members

Latin-America refers to the continent as a diverse geographical space rather than a monoculture. LAEN recognizes his term has colonial roots but is was chosen through community dialogue and a vote, to be used as a form of beginning to counter the exclusive “Hispanic” narrative and encouraging more critical conversations and actions

Spanish-speaking is the category the TDSB used to collect their data and is not the same as “Latinx”, which may include individuals who do not speak Spanish

 Source: C. Calero & D. Chica. (2019). “The First Three Years of LAEN: From Unity-Seeking to Equity-Seeking” in Critical Schooling: Transformative Theory and Practice. (Eds) F. J. Villegas & J. Brady. Springer.

(Please note we are working on making this book and other LAEN member publications more accessible to community – stay tuned!)



LAEN Communications Strategy 2019

LAEN is launching a Communications Team + Strategy for 2019 which will have teams working on LAEN’s Newsletter, Social Media and Web Content, as well as a new quarterly Journal highlighting our communities’ lived experiences and work.

LAEN Newsletter gets sent out about once a month and provides updates on LAEN, Latin America Organizations, School Board, and access to our Google Drive which is updated almost daily with new opportunities and events in our community!!!! Click Here to Sign Up for Our Newsletter Today!!! 

LAEN’s Communications Team + Strategy will serve the community by:

  • Sharing events + opportunities to stay connected as a community
  • Distributing critical information as needed
  • Highlighting + providing marketing space for people doing great work in our communities
  • Providing information re: community supports, work + volunteer opportunities
  • Creating a platform for youth, educators + community members to excel through contributions to LAEN publications and/or volunteering for the Communications Team where they have the opportunity to build capacity in communications planning, writing, editing, media/graphics creation + publishing
  • Creating inclusive, diverse, culturally-relevant + accessible mediums for our community to share their work and lived experiences, whether that is through research, articles, or art forms such as poetry, short stories/reflections, + visual art

How can you support this initiative?



Our Communications Team is made up of three working groups. It will be volunteer-based to start and include honorariums pending funding in 2019. Volunteer your time or encourage youth, educators ­­­+ community members to volunteer in one of the following teams:

Newsletter Team – organizes content + prepares the monthly newsletter

Social Media + Website Team – connects LAEN members + creates engaging content, communicates with Newsletter Team to share events + opportunities on social platforms

Journal + Publications Team –visions, plans, + organizes quarterly journal publications, supports grant writing to help fund all Communications Team efforts, creates opportunities for youth collaboration + contribution through organizing creative workshops

To volunteer, email for details or submit an application HERE



LAEN welcomes content contributions in the form of research or editorial articles, art, creative writing, photography + more! We also encourage community members to email us with ideas for our Communications Team or to share events, opportunities, + other information that you would like us to distribute to the wider community.

Email to get in touch or fill out our quick survey HERE to tell us what you would like to see in LAEN Communications!



To make this initiative accessible + inclusive, we would like to offer honorariums to content contributors + to the teams behind the magic. We also need funds for printing hard copies of the LAEN Journal + Newsletter so that they can be distributed within our communities.

You can support us by donating to LAEN and/or sharing this page. To make a donation contact You can also come out to our fundraiser party: DATE To Be Announced!



Spread the word with youth, students, educators, + community members in your circles!

You can sign up to receive LAEN’s Newsletter + Journal online by emailing or filling out our online form HERE


Join our Communications Team!

LAEN Newsletter Callout

Support LAEN’s Communications, Newsletter, and Journal Publishing initiatives. We hope to start publishing in 2019! Contribute and build Communications, Social Media, Editing, and Graphics skills while strengthening our community networks!


LAEN Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter – Toronto

LAEN Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter TorontoSHOW UP TONIGHT!!!!!
Estamos aquí! Demostremos nuestro apoyo a Black Lives Matter Toronto esta noche juntxs! WE ARE HERE, let’s show up tonight all in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Toronto

Cuando: Martes, 22 de marzo, 7:00 p.m. / When: Tonight! Tuesday, March 22

Donde/Where: 40 College St. (Bay y College), Toronto

Desde el 21 de marzo, Black Lives Matter Toronto esta ocupando el predio fuera la jefatura de la policía de Toronto protestando la violencia racista de la policía, específicamente los asesinatos de Andrew Loku, Jermaine Carby, Alex Wettlaufer, y Melkioro Gahungu. La policía reaccionó violentamente en dos ocasiones a pesar de que es una protesta pacífica. Black Lives Matter Toronto esta pidiendo el apoyo de todxs sus aliadxs. Vamos a demostrar el apoyo de nuestrxs comunidades que también incluyen Black Lives!!! Black and Latinx are not exclusive…vamos APOYAR TODXS! ESTAMOS AQUI!

In addition to our presence, BLMTO states that they need:
1. TARPS: we need them, we need them, please bring to the site.
2. Umbrellas: we need them, please bring to the site. *both of these things can be purchased, if you want that to be your donation.
3. Snacks are no longer needed but if you can sign up to make a HOT MEAL for approximately 30 people, let us know and we’ll plug you into the schedule.
4. RUBBER MAID BINS – to protect food and gear from the coming rain! and the usual supplies are also needed: -POSTER PAPER -MITTENS (dollar store has them) -hand warmers -sleeping bags -cushions to sit on -lawn chairs
5. E-transfers can be made to purchase these items and many other things needed at: (question: what is this for, answer: tentcity) ‪#‎BLKCITY‬ ‪#‎BLMTOblackout‬ ‪#‎BLMTO‬ ‪#‎BLMTOTentCity‬

On March 21st, Black Lives Matter activists pitched tents at the Toronto Police headquarters and started an occupation to protest the police killings of Andrew Loku, Jermaine Carby, Alex Wettlaufer, Melkioro Gahungu, and others. Cops reacted to the peaceful protest by attacking the crowd on two separate occasions, all in order to extinguish their campfire, confiscate their tents, and pour chemicals all over their firewood. Since then, the protest has only grown.

Follow Black Lives Matter-Toronto Coalition in facebook for updates, and check out #BLMTO and #BLMTOtentcity on twitter.

PHOTOSHOOT TODAY SUNDAY FEBRUARY 28, 2016 for Black-Latinxs, Afro-Latinxs and Latinegrxs!

Black-Latinxs, Afro-Latinxs, Latinegrxs don’t forget to come out today! Didn’t register? No worries you can still drop by for the ‪#‎PeloNaturalPeloBueno‬ photoshoot!!! Nos vemos!

#‎PeloNaturalPeloBueno‬ ‪#‎NaturalHairGoodHair‬ PHOTOSHOOT TODAY FOR THOSE WHO IDENTIFY AS AFRO-LATINXS, BLACK-LATINXS AND LATINEGRXS!!!! ‪#‎BlackLatinxHistory‬ ‪#‎BlackHistoryMonth‬ ‪#‎AfricanDiaspora‬ ‪#‎BlackDiaspora‬ ‪#‎BlackIsBeautiful‬

Here’s the information:

WHEN: TODAY Sunday, February 28th at 3-5pm
WHERE: The Spot Youth Centre, 1 York Gate Blvd
2nd floor in Yorkgate Mall, North York
(nearest intersection Jane and Finch)

Can’t make it? Share your own pic of you and your hair on social media using #PeloNaturalPeloBueno & #NaturalHairGoodHair

& No worries! We will have ongoing photo shoots if you can’t make it to this one!

Any questions? Contact us! See you TODAY!

LAEN Call to Action Photo Shoot - February 28, 2016

Call Out to Community – Have your voices heard against unsafe spaces/practices of the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (HCHC)

LATEST UPDATE: The meeting with Toronto City Officials is over; but that does not stop us from continuing to advocate to push to the forefront the marginalized voices of our communities such as Black-Latinxs, Indigenous People of Abya Yala and the Queer Latinx Diaspora. We will continue pushing for accountability, transparency and inclusive spaces in every way possible not only through City Hall.

So please continue providing us with your letters regardless of the due date so that we can continue uniting against unsafe spaces!

In Solidarity,

LAEN Co-Chairs


IMMEDIATE ATTENTION & CALL OUT TO COMMUNITY – United against unsafe spaces at the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (HCHC)

Have you ever had a negative experience with the Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (HCHC)?

Were you ever in a toxic or hostile environment while attempting to participate in these spaces?

Were you afraid to speak up against HCHC since you thought nothing would be done or you were too scared since you thought you were alone?

You are NOT alone.

Check out the letter and email us your experiences to have your voices heard at Toronto City Hall.
Due date: Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 11:59pm.


Call Out to Community regarding Concerns against HCHC

Black History – Black Liberation – Black Latinx History

Celebrate the ‪#‎BlackHistoryMonth‬ by listening to this fierce Black-Latina with her ‪#‎PeloNaturalPeloBueno‬! Afro-Latinx, Black-Latinx, Latinegrx ESTAMOS AQUI! African and Black Diaspora & PROUD!

Check out the link!!!

‪#‎BlackHistoryMonth‬ ‪#‎BlackLatinxHistory‬ ‪#‎BlackLiberation‬‪#‎AfricanDiaspora‬ ‪#‎BlackDiaspora‬ ‪#‎BlackIsBeautiful‬ This is what’s up!!!

#‎BlackIsBeautiful‬ don’t let anyone tell you different!
‪#‎BlackLatinxHistory‬ ‪#‎BlackDiaspora‬ ‪#‎AfricanDiaspora